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Giving Feels Good.

Add another person to your dinner table.
Purchase a box of Catelli pasta, and we’ll donate a serving of pasta to a family in need.*

The facts about food insecurity in Canada1:

  • 1 in 8 households in Canada is food insecure.1

  • More than one third of food bank users in Canada are children and youth. 1

  • 1 in 6 Canadian children live in food insecure homes.1

Minimalist Plates

Living with less is trending right now, but for some people it’s not a choice. Over 4 million Canadians struggle to fill up their plates every day.1 This limited edition set of plates was inspired by those struggling with food insecurity. Let’s raise awareness of the realities so many Canadians are facing, and help fill up theirs just by filling up yours.

How can you help?

Whether you buy a box of Catelli pasta, donate food items, or set aside time for you and your family to volunteer, it can make a huge impact on someone's life. Join us in the fight against food insecurity in Canada.

  • Buy a Box

    For every box of Catelli pasta purchased between April 15 and May 31 2019, we'll donate a portion of pasta to a family in need.* So, what you put on the table tonight could help fight food insecurity in Canada.

  • Donate Healthy Food

    Almost everyone has participated in food drives, but are we giving the right items? Check out this handy guide of healthy and nutritious non-perishable goods you can easily donate.

  • Volunteer Your Time

    Food banks across Canada need your help. Set aside a few hours throughout the year for you and your family to either sort or pack donated food items, or serve a warm meal to families in need.


Where to buy

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For the past 11 years, we’ve been helping fight food insecurity in Canada.

This year, with your help, our goal is to donate 1,000,000 servings across the country.* To date, we’ve donated over 9,000,000 servings of pasta.

Share our initiative and challenge others to help fight food insecurity with us.


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