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What does real parenting look like to you?

Being a parent isn’t always perfect. And that’s OK.

We want you to feel good about your choices. Whether you’re making tough calls as a parent or just letting go and being silly with your kids, how YOU parent is the right way… for you! It’s time to remove the guilt and anxiety we all feel when we don’t measure up to unreal expectations. It’s time to enjoy the moments and stop comparing ourselves to others. It’s time to just be real.

Join us by sharing your parenting stories, and you’ll help inspire others to just be real too.

Meet some parents that keep it real

Real parents. Real life.



Son: Are these potato French fries?

Me: Yes.

Son: I don’t like potato French fries.

Me: Ok. They are regular fries.

Son: Yum!


“Whether you say no or yes… my son asks WHY?!”



That moment you want to be mad but have to laugh b/c you’re brushing your 2yo’s teeth and he belches in your face.

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“They go to bed and I swan dive into sweatpants.”



Well it’s not quite 7:30 and I am on my third pair of pants.

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“Feeding toddlers & infants is disastrous.”


Fridge full of food & dad calls asking “um what do I feed the boys?”

#Umm #FeedThemFood #IDK #MomLife

“I’m having twins, Mom. Show me what to do!”



“I don’t like how this water tastes. It’s too dry.” — Jessica

“No parent has things under control.”

From hiding veggies in their meals to upping that fibre intake, we’ve got quick, healthy meal solutions for everyone in your family. Even the fussy eaters!

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